Monday, May 20, 2013

Monday May 20

After a late spring the vegetables are quickly catching up to a more normal schedule.  Except for the eggplant which should have been seeded a week earlier, all of the warm weather plants are in and doing well.  

This week I picked the first of the spring planted cole crops, a Kolibri kohlrabi.  More should be coming in soon.  I sliced it up into french fry strips and sauteed it briefly.  It's a pity that more people don't know about kohlrabi, if they grew it once I'm sure it would be part of a regular planting.  It's easy to grow, matures quickly, and is mild and buttery.  The beer bottle in the picture is there for size comparison.

Of course there's the usual lettuce and spinach which has been producing for weeks, always the first of the vegetables that I get here in southwestern Indiana.  This is the first lettuce that came out of the raised beds.  Prior to this picking I harvested about 4 pounds of lettuce from the Earthbox, a pretty good haul in my opinion.

The potato box experiment is in progress.  I planted two Red Pontiac seed potatoes in the box, and the shoots were up about 3-4 inches.  Yesterday I covered about 2/3 of the foliage with some half finished compost, leaving the front shoots uncovered.  When they get a little longer I will attach the next pieces of carsiding and direct the shoots out through holes cut in the boards.

For the week I picked:  spinach 6 oz, lettuce 17 oz, kohlrabi 8 oz.     


Mark Willis said...

I'll be following with interest your potato-box experiment.

diary of a tomato said...

By the looks of your thriving vege, you have wonderful growing conditions there! Or is the beer the secret to your success? ;)

kitsapFG said...

I though the beer was to go with the cooked kohlrabi?! ;)

I have a bunch of good sized Kohliribi kohlrabi that I need to pick and use soon. Maybe this coming weekend. I like to cook it like you did, but I also like to make a variation of a slaw salad with it... cutting it into fine short julienne strips and adding some cut up apple bits, some raisins, and my favorite creamy (sweet/tart) slaw dressing.

Barbie~ said...

Sure. We believe the beer is there just for size comparison. ;-) You'll love the potato box, and wish you had stuck another spud or two in. Looks great so far!

. . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...


like, the sides of cars????

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