Sunday, October 5, 2014

The New Deck - Stairs and finishing the floor

Work on the deck continues at it's plodding pace.  It was past time to build the stairs.  I was getting tired of stepping up to the deck from a milk crate. After setting the posts I calculated the dimensions of the stringers and built a test stringer using a piece of lumber from the old deck.  The dimensions were a little tricky since the ground slopes a little in front of the stairs.  I compromised by calculating the rise at the middle of the stairs.

With a few modifications the actual stringers were laid out and cut.  I used another piece of lumber from the old deck underneath the joists for attachment of the new stringers.   A third stringer was later set in the center.

Once the stair frame was built the floor boards went on fairly quickly.  This project took me over half a day - I haven't built stairs in a long time.  It sure is nice to have a civilized way to step up on the deck!

The next day I resumed work on the floor.  The last post showed the floor with both the new floor boards and a section of the floor using some of the boards from the old deck, which are dark from years of wood stain.  The more I saw of this the less I liked it.  The old boards were slightly different in dimension, not as thick or wide.   I decided to remove the old floor boards and buy new ones.  I think this will certainly be a positive whenever the house is put up for sale. 

The floor is nearly done but for two short boards at the end.  I'll pick those up at the lumberyard soon.   The railings are next.  It's very nice to finally be able to walk, or amble up the stairs onto a nearly finished floor.  I'm liking it a lot.

Since I have the use of a wood splitter for several days I was splitting wood today. I loaded the split logs into the garden tractor cart and stacked them on the new deck straightaway.  No point in moving the wood twice. 

If anything the deck is overbuilt.  This kind of weight should be no problem. 

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Mark Willis said...

I think your decision to have all the boards the same was the right one. If I were a potential buyer of your property I would want the deck to look uniform.

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