Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Functional. Not finished

This is a big week for me.  After over six months of work the kitchen remodel has birthed a fully functioning kitchen.  With a sink, running water, a dishwasher that cleans dishes all by itself, in other words it actually works.  No more washing dishes in the bathtub, and eating deli potato salad and grilled chicken.  This is the recently completed section.

The sink is what I like the best.  It's a granite composite sink that has different sized bowls.  The large basin is large enough hold a frying pan, something the old sink could not do.

The drain hookups were a pain since the drain line is directly behind the disposal.  You'd think that Swan would offer a mirror image of this sink but no.  Fortunately everything fitted.  I'm installing an undersink filter on the cold water line, just have to get some fittings and lines.  The house is supplied by well water which should be clean, but why not have something to remove any organic compounds that find their way into the aquifer?

Here's a look at most of the kitchen, showing the floor tiles.  It's an odd floor plan, with the traffic from the front entry going straight through the kitchen then into the rest of the house.  Nothing I can do about that, but the new layout is way more functional and efficient compared to the old one.  The hallway still needs work.

The new kitchen has space for dining, sort of a nook.  The old layout had no real place to put a table. The window isn't in yet.  Later this week I hope to install the window, now that the weather is getting better. 

The kitchen is functional but certainly not finished.  In addition to the window, there is baseboard and casing to install.  The doors in the hallway have to be cut down so they can clear the tile floor, the top of the wall cabinets will get a shelf and some sort of molding,  and I have to fabricate new thresholds for the doors in the hallway.  At least there is no urgency to do this, not the kind that one has when a kitchen has no running water. 

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Margaret said...

That looks great & so much more functional! When you are in the midst of a renovation, it can seem never-ending but the results are usually more than worth it.

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