Monday, July 17, 2017

Monday July 17

Welcome to Harvest Monday.  Here in SW Indiana the garden production is ramping up.  Tomatoes and sweet corn are just a few days away, but in the meantime I'm getting lots of other goodies, mostly beans and cucumbers.  Early last week, a picking of beans, mostly Musica.

The rains arrived midweek and there were no pickings for a several days.  After a day of sunshine on Friday there was a lot to harvest.   A nice batch of beans - from the left, Provider, Fortex, and Musica.  I'm really liking the Musica beans.  Finally, a pole bean worthy of growing alongside Fortex.

Although the cucumber plants look like they are on their last legs, I got a good picking of cukes the same day, almost 4 pounds.  There's also a Bride eggplant and some Millionaire okra.  The Bride eggplant looks to have Asian heritage, and is quite good.

A few more Jalapenos.

I noticed that there was still a cabbage remaining in what was the brassica bed.  Nearly forgot about this one.

Last night, 2 more cucumbers.  Combined with the picking on Friday, there's enough to can a batch of pickles today.  Also a Lavedar Touch eggplant and Jimmy Nardello sweet pepper.

There was also another picking of beans, not shown because the camera decided to stop working at that moment. The summer squash plant was sickly and was pulled up.  I don't miss it though, not that big a fan of summer squash although it's good once in a while.  Anyway, there's a replacement which should start producing in a few weeks.  For the week, nearly 5 pounds of pickling cucumber, and nearly 7 pounds of beans, as well as other good stuff.  I froze most of the beans.

To see what other people are growing, head on over to Our Happy Acres.


Eight Gate Farm NH said...

Nice haul and variety of beans. I'm growing Bride for the first time this year, but have yet to have any fruit, so it's good to know you're happy with it.

Dave @ OurHappyAcres said...

Lovely looking pole beans! And you are way ahead of me on peppers and eggplant, especially the ripe Jimmy Nardello. I've grown Musica for several years now and it and Fortex are my favorites too, though Trionfo Violetto is a close third.

michelle hamer said...

Lovely. I wish I had some beans coming out of my garden but I got a late start on them and I'm still waiting... Perfect Jalapenos! Still waiting on those too...

Margaret said...

Great harvests! I harvested my first eggplant today but everything else on your list (beans, cucumbers, peppers...) is still at least a couple of weeks away.

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