Monday, August 1, 2011

Short post today

Last week I dug up most of the onions.  The onions were leveled in mid-June when a storm passed through and a hard gust from the north mostly flattened them.  I thought they might grow out of it but most of them never did.  So a lot of them are small.  The Red Long onions took the weather the best.  I'll probably pull them up tomorrow.

Eggplant is producing now.  And I picked a 2 pound 1 oz Brandywine this morning, a monster.  Totals:
Green beans 0.88 lb;  Eggplant 2.94 lb;  Okra 0.31 lb;  Yellow onion 4.44 lb

Hot pepper 0.44 lb;  Sweet pepper 0.50 lb;  Tomato 3.75 lb
Recently I added a tab with the totals for the year so far.  Nearly a hundred pounds now, and the radishes were never included in the tally.  In a day or two I’ll post a garden update.  It has changed a lot in the last few weeks. 


Veggie PAK said...

Very nice onions. I wasn't able to get them to bulb up for me for the last two years, so I didn't plant them this year. We use a lot of onions, so it's off to the store we go when we need them.

Daphne said...

So sad about the onions. Many years I have issues with onions growing big enough, but this year they are pretty decent. I can only hope it is a trend. Gardeners can be such optimists.

kitsapFG said...

It is always hard to tell from photos, but the majority of those onions look reasonable sized to me?! I am having a less then stellar onion year this year myself. Luckily I have one small patch that I planted really late that is actually getting good sized and I have a nice patch of leeks growing for fall usage and a patch of direct seeded scallions and salad onions that should be ready for use in late fall or early winter. I think I should be able to eek out the year with these prolonged fresh harvests.

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