Saturday, May 30, 2015

Meandering around the place

I'm growing three kinds of broccoli this year - Major, Green Magic, and Aspabroc, a sprouting broccoli discussed in the last post.  All are early broccolis.  I've been a big fan of Major but Pinetree discontinued it last year, and I tried Belstar as a replacement.  The problem I had with Belstar is the head was not uniform, the outside of the head matured before the inside.  This year I'm trialing Green Magic, which is early but according to Pinetree not as early as Major.  There were still a few seeds of Major left, and here is the plant.

It's forming a nice head.  Now here is the Green Magic.

An even nicer head, picked yesterday.  I just found a worthy replacement for Major. After harvesting the head I stripped off half the leaves and gave them to the bunnies.  They will get the remainder of the leaves today.

The spring-planted spinach is actually heading up, unusual in this garden.  Usually the fall-planted spinach does well, spring spinach is hit or miss.  This is Burpee's Double Choice hybrid, available at the hardware racks, and it has always done well for me.  I also planted Tyee, which is supposed to tolerate hot weather.  It has already bolted and been removed.

Lettuce is still growing well in the SWC's.

The cucumbers were set in a few days ago after the cool weather had passed.  They have to co-exist with brassicas for a while longer.  I tried to leave some room for the cukes when I set in the brassica seedlings.  Once they start up the trellis they will get plenty of light.  A stake was set next to each cucumber seedling to give it a 'path' to the trellis.  There are four Calypso cucumbers, a pickling cuke, and one slicing cucumber, Diva.

I'm about ready to give up on beets.  Something, maybe a cutworm, cuts off the leaves every time.  From the six seedlings that were planted maybe one or two will survive.  Whatever it is, it ignores everything else and cuts down the beets.

There will be plenty of dill for pickles.  For a while I was concerned that there wouldn't be any dill, as the seed I planted took a long time to germinate.  Then it began showing up everywhere, in every bed.  Now I'm thinning it out.  Same goes for cilantro.

The pole beans have found the strings.  In a few days they will reach the top of the trellis.  Behind them are sweet potatoes, Vardaman.

And today was the day to wash the remaining pots that the seedlings were grown in.

One of these days I'll get back to the kitchen remodel.  After the deck is stained, and the levee gets more dirt, and the rabbit has her litter. . . 


Daphne Gould said...

That is funny. For me spring spinach always does well as long as I get it in as soon as the ground thaws. But the fall spinach is iffy.

Mark Willis said...

I have developed a liking for the stalks of broccoli. Peel off the tough outer skin, leaving the soft inside bit. Nice eaten raw or lightly cooked. Tastes like broccoli; feels like carrot!

Margaret said...

I've had a lot of self seeded dill in my herb bed as well - all I can say is hurray! I don't have much cilantro however - I only see one tiny plant so I guess I will have to get to sowing some more as soon as our weather improves.

Susie said...

I don't grow dill often, but you've reminded me to get some in this year. It seems when pickling season comes around, I can't find any fresh dill in the grocery stores!

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