Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Harvest Tuesday?

OK I got thrown off a little by the holidays, but the vegetables keep coming in, so here goes.  Some new things are available, like squash.  This is the mystery squash.  It is supposed to be 'Italian ribbed zucchini' from Burpees, and their webpage points out that it is actually Costata Romanesco.  Yep, light green with pronounced lighter ribs, much like Cocozelle.  That's not what this is.

To be fair, it's a very good squash.  Even at a pound the seeds are almost invisible, it slices like butter and has good flavor.  I'm guessing it's one of their modern F1 hybrids.  Maybe it's just one seed that found its way into a package or there was a mixup with the packaging.  Guess I'll never know, but I'll be planting it again next year.  That's actually three kinds of okra in the above picture - Millionaire, Jambalaya and Silver Queen.  I picked one pod from each plant. 

I also picked a few carrots, about half a pound.  The bottom two carrots are Mokum, the rest are Chantenay.  I think the Mokum taste better but they are not as vigorous as the Chantenay.   Some are deformed, but sliced up and put into split pea soup you'll never know.  Also some Tropea onions for same soup. 

All told I picked three squash averaging a pound apiece, and about half a pound each of okra, carrots and onions.  Next week I hope to pick the first green beans and pickling cucumbers.  Tomatoes are probably two weeks away.  Then I have to figure out what to do with all the squash that will be coming in.  Does grated squash makes a good omelette?


Margaret said...

It seems like getting the wrong seeds is not an altogether uncommon event as most of us seem to have had this experience over the last couple of years. Thankfully you are enjoying the end result. You'll have to let us know about the omelette - I've never harvested enough squash where I needed to experiment with it :)

Dave @ OurHappyAcres said...

Well, it's good that the 'mystery' zucchini seems to be a good one, even if not what you wanted. As for grated squash, we use it in omelets/frittatas, and added to ground turkey meat for turkey burgers. The squash gives some moisture to the burgers. I also grate it and saute it.

Mark Willis said...

I echo what Margaret has said - mixed-up and/or mis-labelled seeds seem to be fairly common these days. I have seen several people saying that they had bought seeds on ebay and been given something that was completely different to what they had paid for. I'm hoping to pick my first carrots of the season today.

Phuong said...

Those are some good looking carrots and onions, at least the squash ended up tasty and prolific. It seems like you're getting the perfect number of okra, I used to always over plant those.

I can see how easy it is to mislabel seeds, there's probably a multitude of people labeling. The farmer has to label the plant, then when she harvests the seeds they have to be labeled again, and then the seed houses label those seeds into smaller lots, etc. Plus unintentional crosses between varieties can happen in the field.

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