Monday, July 18, 2016

Monday July 18

I was planning on watering the beds this morning.   That involves removing the hose from the reel and attaching it and the intake line to the pump, setting the intake in the pond, running a cord, and priming the pump, sort of a job.  The weather forecast called for scattered storms today and I assumed they would be of the fast-moving short duration variety that dropped little water.  I was wrong.  We got about an inch and a half of just in time rain.  And I got a reprieve from a chore I don't particularly relish.

It wasn't a big harvest this week.  Those will come soon enough.  The first eggplant was picked, just half a pound.  Stir fried with summer squash and okra with a little Parmesan on top it was mighty tasty.   The Provider beans are nice and plump.

More Provider beans and okra.  The first Fortex beans of the season were picked.  

Two Calypso cucumbers were picked.  That's not enough to fill two quart jars so I picked some green Jimmy Nardello peppers to fill out the jars.   The plants are overloaded with these peppers so it may help the rest ripen up. 

This week the first tomatoes will be ready.  The onions and potatoes are ready to come out at any time.  To see what other people are growing head on over to and check it out. 


Dave @ OurHappyAcres said...

Your Fortex beans are running ahead of me. Mine are starting to bloom though. Lovely okra you have there too! We got the fast-moving showers today, less than a quarter inch. Which is good because it is still wet from the last round of rain.

Susie said...

I love a well-timed rain! I had planned to pick up one or two Jimmy Nardello plants this year but my usual producer ran out. Darn, I may have to grow from seeds next year as I really miss those!

Mark Willis said...

Wouldn't it be nice if we could "turn on the rain" whenever we needed it? Lots of people in the USA seem to grow Fortex beans, so they must be good, but I don't see them being grown / sold here in the UK. I wonder why?

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