Monday, July 11, 2016

Monday July 11

Production is ramping up with about everything except tomatoes providing something.   For much of the week the weather settled into a rainy, cloudy pattern and a few things were lost.  Several squash rotted on the vine, same with some cucumbers.  The sunny weather has returned and it looks like most plants are doing well.

One nice softball sized Gonzalez cabbage was picked.

Calypso cucumbers, one from each vine, all matured at the same time.  Also the first picking of bush beans, Provider.  I planted two rows of them to 'provide' beans until the pole beans are producing.

The Calypso's are very uniform in size, and I've found that three of them make two quarts of refrigerator pickles.   One spear was left over.

Grand Duke kohlrabi and a few beets, which were grilled with chicken.  First time for grilled beets, and I think they are very good.

And of course more summer squash, one of two that were harvested.  Also a Diva slicing cucumber, the second one I've picked this season and a Kolibri kohlrabi.  The okra trickles in one or two at a time. 

For the week 10.6 pounds, best harvest so far.  For the year about 40 pounds.  I compared this to last year at this time and the harvest so far this year is about 25 pounds less.  Much of that is due to the smaller plantings of cole crops.  It also looks like the growing season is about 10 days behind last year judging by the bean and cucumber harvest last year.  That will change quickly as the wet weather last year put the kabosh on the harvest about mid-summer, especially affecting the tomatoes.

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Dave @ OurHappyAcres said...

Those Calypso cukes do look to be the perfect size for pickle spears. I wish we liked them here but refrigerator pickles are about all we eat. Your cabbage has me seeing green - I'm still waiting on mine to head up. I do hope this year doesn't turn out as wet as last summer. This week reminded me of all that rain we got last year.

Mark Willis said...

r harvests all depend so much on the weather! We have had torrential rain here. It's dull and cool most of the time - hardly Summer at all. My cucumbers are proving most reluctant to grow, and I have not yet picked any fruit from them. Brassicas like the damp weather though - and I think your cabbage looks like a fine specimen.

Eight Gate Farm NH said...

Nice harvests, Mike. When I saw the picture of the Calypsos I wasn't sure of their size, but seeing them fit snugly in quart jars really shows them off.

Margaret said... guys must be stealing all our rain! :)

Great harvests this week. I especially like that cabbage - it may be small, but for us, it would be the perfect size. I often find that "normal" cabbages are much too large and end up languishing in the refrigerator.

My Provider beans are now flowering and I'm quite looking forward to trying them after seeing so many people growing them. My Diva cucumber, however, is still quite a bit behind as it was reseeded - and now it's being shaded out by the other cucumber plants, so whether or not I'll end up with a harvest is yet to be seen.

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