Monday, June 15, 2015

Monday June 15

It has been a really good spring for cole crops, in fact everything is producing well this year..  I was comparing yields this year to last year and they are way ahead of last year - 34 pounds vs 20 pounds - due mainly to the good yields of brassicas.  So far there has been very little bug pressure.  I sprayed the brassicas once with Bt and haven't really had a problem since, although I've been seeing a few white butterflies lately.  There have been a few aphids on the apple trees and they got a spraying of Neem.  Other than that not much.  I expect all that to change very soon. 

The first picking last week was cauliflower, kohlrabi, broccoli, and lettuce. 

Later another kohlrabi (Grand Duke). The kohlrabi are averaging a pound and a half, to give you an idea of the size.  The leaves are a meal for the two rabbits, who devour them. 

Then a kolibri kohlrabi and some more lettuce.  The lettuce is starting to bolt and the rest of it needs to come out of the SWC.  Yes I planted too much kohlrabi and am giving it away now. 

Yesterday I picked a head of Aspabroc broccoli.  I don't know about this plant - it doesn't produce very much.  It will make a few more side shoots and that's it.  It is delicious though, the best tasting broccoli I've ever tried, very rich flavor.   I also picked 6 ounces of sugar snap peas, and it looks like the recent heat has finished them.

And here's something to look forward to, some Jalapeno peppers are almost ready to pick.  They are always the first peppers, probably because they are small. 

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Daphne Gould said...

I do grow some things for their taste and not productivity - like choy sum. But I hate having small quantities of broccoli. It is a hard trade off.

I'm up in productivity this year too. Some things did a lot better and some did worse. Some of it is just picking dates though For instance last year I hadn't picked my Chinese cabbage yet. That is a 20 pound difference from this week to next. And it isn't a real difference, just a timing one.

Phuong said...

Wow. Your kohlrabi looks huge. And the broccoli and cauliflower look great.

I'm envious of your peppers. It might be too hot for my peppers to set any fruit now.

Margaret said...

Wow to those kohlrabi - the three kohlrabi I harvested just barely hit 2/3 lb...combined! I'm growing Aspabroc this year as well but mine only has leaves on it so far. All of my brassicas are all behind this year, which is more my fault than the anything else

Susie said...

A terrific spring for cole crops - my weather is way behind you so no heads forming yet, but lots of solid looking plants. And I also have several peppers (jalapeno, hungarian hot wax) on the way!

Mark Willis said...

My "De Ciccio" broccoli is looking good, and forming heads now, so I hope my yields will be as good as yours. I have a few Kohlrabi getting close to picking stage now, but I'll never have so many that I need to give them away! I wish I chillis ready to harvest too, but mine are a long way off.

Eight Gate Farm NH said...

Nice root vegetables and coles. I'm interested in your squash technique. I planted field peas as green manure last year, and they got very large before I tilled them. They almost went to seed. Hope the squash really does shade them out.

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