Monday, June 22, 2015

Monday June 22

Less to show this week.  The endless rain has put a damper on production.  Yesterday was actually a pleasant, non-rain day until late afternoon, then it poured the rest of the day.  Today there hasn't been any rain.  It looks like we are getting some relief. 

This week the everbearing raspberries, Autumn Bliss and Caroline, began producing their summer crop.  The timing is perfect as the strawberries stopped producing a few weeks ago.  Now if the strawberries will start back up when the raspberries stop I'll be in berries much of the summer.  I picked nearly a pound and a half of raspberries.  This is the first picking along with a head of Green Magic broccoli.

Two small carrots were pulled up to relieve crowding.  Green tops fed to the rabbits of course. 

And yesterday more berries, a kohlrabi and the first hot weather crop, a large jalapeno pepper.  Well it only weighed an ounce but for this variety it's large.  I like an egg scramble with cheese and a fresh jalapeno for breakfast, so this pepper was put to use the next morning.  For a jalapeno it was unusually hot.  I bought the plant from the local greenhouse, same as last year, and those were relatively mild.  Must be a different variety.  I prefer them hot, for salsa.

It's hard to believe, I've picked 14 pounds of kohlrabi this season.  I probably should have picked them a little smaller, as some of them were woody at the root end, but they came on so fast it was hard to keep up.  The cole crops are nearly done, only the last of four sets remain, but snap beans will be ready soon.  To see what other people are growing, visit


Eight Gate Farm NH said...

Perfect head of broccoli, and I would not call those carrots small. Raspberries look great; are they seedless?

Margaret said...

Beautiful head of broccoli & yum to the raspberries. I just planted some canes this year and was thinking we may get a few berries this fall (they are also everbearing), but from how slowly they are growing, I doubt we will get anything. You are definitely ahead of us here - my peppers are just starting to flower.

Daisy said...

I think you're getting hit harder than we are with this Midwest storm system. We had quite the downpour yesterday, but no wind or lightning damage. Today is full sun and breezy - just right for drying up the excess. I feel very fortunate.

Phuong said...

14 pounds of kohlrabi, that's amazing. And your broccoli and raspberries look perfect. I was just thinking about snap beans, mine are actually overdue to be picked.

Daphne Gould said...

Hmm I think my comment got eaten by blogspot. Ah well no matter. Maybe this one will go through. 14 pounds of kohlrabi is a lot of kohlrabi. I planted a lot but I don't think it will be quite that high. I need to go out and pick some more tomorrow. I think some more have sized up for me.

Mark Willis said...

I shall bear in mind what you say about kohlrabi. I have only 6 of them, so I don't want to let any of them get woody. I have Autumn Bliss raspberries too, but they don't produce fruit until the Autumn! (well, usually August...certainly not in June!)

Susie said...

Mmm ... raspberries are my favourite. Unfortunately I have dozens and dozens of wild raspberry bushes popping up everywhere with almost no fruit. Just a pain for me to constantly pull them up.

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