Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fish, Country Eggs, and Chlorophyll

It really seems like spring is here for sure.  As I get older it gets a little harder to get rid of that nagging uncertainty that winter may have one last curtain call.  But yes I’m sure now that no more fires need to be lit in the woodstove, the heavy coats can be put away.  The weather system passed through yesterday and left an inch of rain.  Today was virtually cloudless, about 60 for a high and very windy.  This is the time of year in Southern Indiana when everything seems to become a neon green.   I walked out on the deck this afternoon and the catfish acted like they had too much coffee, or maybe they were just glad to see me.  The light was just right so I took more pictures.  Now I’m licking my chops thinking about a catfish dinner.

I got some eggs today from a neighbor down the road.  Got me thinking that country eggs sure don’t look like city eggs, unless you go to a farmer’s market.  All different kinds here, and boy are they good, with yolks that stand proud.

I’m beginning to believe that I’m getting a handle on the landscaping projects.  Last week a yard of compost was mixed into the flower beds in front of the house and this week I planted some eonymus, cotoneaster, and guara.  A few more hostas should fill the beds out.  The house was built 5 years ago and the builder did such a pathetic  job of landscaping that everything had to be torn out and redone.  Tomorrow I pick up a yard of dirt/compost mix to fill in some low areas and topdress some bare areas for reseeding.  I generally work at it until I reach the pre-back spasm condition.  Then it’s Miller time.   Cheers!  


thyme2garden said...

How nice it must be to have a neighborhood fresh egg hookup!

Ottawa Gardener said...

I would love a pond stocked with swimming food. Looks good.

KatieLovesDogs said...

You're right. There's nothing better than fresh eggs :)

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