Monday, November 7, 2011

Winding down

Things are winding down as we ease, or regress, toward winter.   The oak trees are still holding their leaves, while all the other trees have lost theirs.  I’ve got two pin oaks that flank the front porch, and they always hold some of their leaves until we get some real winter weather.  I’d like to see the rest of the leaves drop, then I can shred the leaves and put them in the compost bin for compost next spring.  So far I’ve run the mulching mower over them and left the leaf pieces for the lawn.

Most everything is out of the beds.  The peppers were killed by the last frost.  A shame, since there were a bunch of green cubanelles and others that were ruined.  It was a good year for peppers.  I got almost 17 pounds from six plants.  There’s some sugar snap peas that I planted around Labor Day that are four feet high with some flowers.  I may get a snack from those.  Sunday I pulled up one of the Chinese cabbages (Soloist).  It was a really dense cabbage – 2 lbs, 10 oz.  That’s it.

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kitsapFG said...

That is a gorgeous head of chinese cabbage! I had some nice fall napa cabbages growing and then almost overnight the slugs moved in and razed them to the ground. Seriously, we grow some mutant slugs around the maritime Pacific Northwest and they seem to really love chinese cabbage and baby lettuces.

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