Monday, August 26, 2013

Monday August 26

Maybe I'm overdoing it with the snap beans.  Last week I picked over 4 pounds of beans.  The Kentucky Wonder pole beans finally starting producing steadily, and the patch of Roma II bush beans hit their peak production last week.  It's a relief that they have slowed down.  I froze most of them and made a pot of beef stew with Kentucky Wonder beans, which hold up well to extended cooking.  I've harvested more beans - almost 17 pounds - than tomatoes so far.

Here's some of what was picked last week.  This picking is mostly Kentucky Wonder beans: 

Roma II beans, okra, cucumber and a bullhorn pepper:

And the potato harvest, discussed in the previous post.  The potatoes are Kennebecs and Red Pontiacs.

This hornworm is covered with eggs from a parasitic wasp.  Now that it's paralyzed I'll leave it alone so it can hatch out many more wasps.  They find the caterpillars before I do.

Tally for the week:  snap beans 4 lb 3 oz, pepper 6 oz, cucumber 13 oz, celery 6 oz, potatoes 45 lb 9 oz.   Weekly total 52.3 pounds, for the year 189.9 pounds.  This week the garden surpassed the total harvest for 2012. 


Stoney Acres said...

Everything is looking great!! We love green beans. Ours are just coming on, but we just have a small patch this year so we will be lucky to get 5 pounds. Great job on exceeding last years totals!!

Unknown said...

Very nice harvest. Beans are my favorite and I can't ever have enough. I pressure can mine and like having a lot of jars in storage. They are my goto vegetable when I want to prepare a meal quickly.

David Velten said...

That's an impressive harvest of beans. Right now they are my most reliable producer and relatively trouble free. I haven't grown the wide beans like Kentucky Wonder and Roma because you get too much poundage per inch. I'm buried as it is.

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