Monday, October 28, 2013

Monday October 28

It's over for the summer crops.  The last week has seen a number of nights below freezing.  The summer squash succumbed to the first freeze.  Nevertheless I picked one more squash from the plant that morning.  The beans made it through this frost with minimal damage.

More frosty nights and the rest of the crops were done.  I had to dig up the Silver Queen okra, more like okra trees, as there was no way I could pull them up.  They were about 9 feet long.

I meant to harvest the last tomatoes before the cold and let them ripen inside.  But I'm a lazy arse and never got around to it.  So they froze on the vine.

The rest of the New Kuroda storage carrots were pulled up. 

And the spinach for next year is coming up.

For the week:  snap beans 5 oz, summer squash 13 oz, carrots 2 lb 5 oz.  For the year 283 lbs.   


Unknown said...

9 foot okra plants are just crazy. It was the end of the tomatoes and peppers for my garden last week too. They survived through several nights of last frost until one really cold night did them in.

Mark Willis said...

Susprisingly, here where I am we have not had our first frost yet. I expect we will pay the penalty for this later!

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