Monday, August 25, 2014

Monday August 25

It's been a slow week compared to recent weeks.  For days there was hardly any sunshine, just lots of rain and clouds, and the plants did not produce much.  Today there is ample sun and photosynthesis should be underway once again.  I got one squash, which is the last one from the plant, now in the compost bin, and a few beans.

Some okra and one small eggplant.  The okra are Red Burgundy, Millionaire, and Silver Queen.  Both okra and eggplant have been slow this year.  They like it hot.

What I did get was enough salsa ingredients.  Well almost enough - I had to buy two pounds of Roma tomatoes and some Jalapenos to make a batch.  All I can say is it's a good thing that most of the tomatoes came out of the garden because the supermarket tomatoes have no flavor.  These are the Pompeii tomatoes.  They were combined with the store-bought and some Carmello slicing tomatoes.

Now I'm going to show off.  There is nothing like a variety of peppers that are ripe and red.  From left to right the plants are Ancho, Joe Parker New Mexico, and Marconi.  There's a few ripe Serranos higher up.

Here's a shot from another angle.  On the left is a Bullhorn pepper.

These are the peppers that were picked for the salsa. The two peppers on the right are Bullhorn, the other three are Marconi.  I grilled the sweet peppers, deskinned and deseeded them and blended them with the tomatoes.  I found that the Bullhorns deskin easily while the Marconis are difficult.  Both taste great, sweet and rich.

This is the result - 7 pints canned with a 1/2 pint for the refrigerator.

Not such a great week, still 12 pounds came out of the garden, over 220 pounds for the year, over 30 pounds more than last year at this point.  To see what other people grow head on over to


Margaret said...

I'd show off if I had peppers like that too - they are gorgeous!

Dave @ HappyAcres said...

It has been a strange year weather-wise for sure. I saw lots of okra and eggplant at a farmer's market his weekend, and I wonder if it was brought in from down south! I heard from the local CSA that eggplant was not doing well there at all, just like my garden.

David Velten said...

Nice variety of peppers, ripe ones! You're right about okra liking hot. My wife is from Mississippi and my in-laws garden. By June everything is burned out except for the okra and watermelons. You can almost hear them crackle as they grow in that heat.

Mark Willis said...

That salsa looks good -- if you like salsa! I love growing chillis and peppers, but (maybe surprisingly) I do not like eating peppers (they give me violent indigestion) and I only eat a few chillis. Nevertheless, I enjoy growing chillis and I enjoy photographing them because I think they are things of beauty. you are so right about shop-bought tomatoes: they are often tasteless. I think many of them are grown hydroponically these days, and it's just not the same as growing them in real soil.

Daphne Gould said...

Those pepper plants look wonderful. I used to love to make salsa when I could eat it. My husband really misses it.

Mark Willis said...

Re your comment on my blog: what can you do with wild persimmons? Can you make jam? Can you use them to flavour alcohol?

Eight Gate Farm NH said...

Envious of all your ripe peppers. That eggplant is beautiful too. Seven + pints of salsa is a good start! I wish the cilantro didn't bolt at the first sign of summer; I hate to have to buy it for salsa etc.

Cristy said...

I love the pictures of your ripe peppers! I am watching my peppers every day, hoping to see some red on them. None so far, but I think they are finally getting close to being red. I can't wait. I want to make hot sauce. :)

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