Monday, October 19, 2015

Last harvest of 2015

With a frost predicted late last week it was time to get the rest of the produce inside.  The winter squash that were curing in the sun were brought inside and weighed.  Any peppers that were usable were picked. The chilis - Joe Parker New Mexico, Ancho, and Serrano - were put in the dehydrator.  For sweet peppers there's four Mama Mia Gallo and a lone Jimmy Nardello that went into the refrigerator.

The Teksukabotu squash had an off year, for them, just over 15 pounds total.  Last year they produced nearly three times that amount.  The Metro Butternut squash did well this year with a total yield of 18 pounds (I had cooked two of them before this picture was taken).  Considering the truly awful early summer weather and the extent of fungus infestation I can't really complain.

Then there's the sweet potatoes, about 20 pounds, which were featured in the previous post.

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The grand total for the year - 330 pounds.  That's within two pounds of last years total, although production came from very different vegetables than last year.   This year the heavy hitters were cucumbers, with decent yields from squash, okra, beans and onions.  The cole crops did very well, while tomatoes were a bust.  There's always next year!

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Eight Gate Farm NH said...

A nice harvest to close out the year.

Margaret said...

Love all those squash all lined up - I had an ok butternut harvest for a first attempt & am hoping that I can up that number next year along with perhaps a couple of other varieties.

Mark Willis said...

Do you not grow any Winter crops - like Leeks, Swedes, Brussels Sprouts, Parsnips etc?

Dave @ HappyAcres said...

Your harvests this year pretty much mirror my own: bad for tomatoes and some squash, good for cole crops, ok for peppers and beans. I keep waiting for a Goldilocks year for the garden, not too much or too little of anything!

gardenvariety-hoosier said...

Mark - none this year. Next year I plan to grow parnsips and possibly brussels sprouts. Leeks have never done well for me.

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