Monday, March 28, 2016

At least there's spinach

I picked a head of spinach this weekend, that's the harvest.  This is Gigante di Inverno spinach.  A nice 7 oz head, but most of this variety looks 'bolty,' so it remains to be seen if they will fill out.  I planted it last fall because it is supposed to be very cold tolerant. 

On Sunday the first set of cole crops were planted.  They were getting a bit large under the lights and I wanted to get them into the beds.  I knew that rain was expected that evening but could not get the weather channel on satellite all day to see what was in store.  Well it did not just rain, it was a violent storm that passed through.   There's a good chance that the seedlings will recover even thought they look pretty bad right now.   This is a Gonzalez cabbage seedling.

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Michelle said...

Oh, that poor little cabbage. I imagine it should recover nicely, I had something similar happen to my broccoli, only it was birds devouring the foliage, but they are looking good now. What a huge head of spinach!

Dave @ HappyAcres said...

Oooh, we got rain and lightning but no real storms down here. My Giant Winter spinach is already bolting though, which isn't unusual. It's the first to harvest and the first to bolt! I'm with Michelle, I bet the seedlings will recover too.

Margaret said...

Lovely mound of spinach! My fall sown spinach is still tiny, but I'm hoping that will change once the weather warms up (consistently!). Ad I'll add my encouragement to Dave & Michelle's - I had some brassicas that suffered the same fate last year & they pulled through just fine.

Mark Willis said...

Wow, the storm damage looks pretty severe! I hope you're right when you say that cabbage will probably recover.

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