Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Short post October 4, 2011

September was a crummy month weather-wise.  Lots of overcast, cool days – November weather.  This week is supposed to be sunny and warm, no rain, highs in the high 70’s.  I hope so, the beds should produce some more with some sunlight, even this late in the year. 

I picked the rest of the Butternut squash (Metro from Johnny’s) on Sunday.  The overnight temperature was supposed to drop into the 30’s and I did not want to chance a frost.  I got 9 squash from one vine this year.    Two of the butternuts set in midsummer and the color of the skin is paler than the others.  Don't know if they will taste as good as the ripe ones.

With a few sunny days last week some more eggplant matured.  Also snap beans, a pound.  Not great but it’s something. 

Well I forgot the notes with the actual weights, but it was something like 9 pounds squash, one pound beans, 12 oz eggplant and a few peppers.   About 190 pounds for the year now – I’ll update the figures later.   Cheers
Correction it was 8 oz eggplant, 2 oz hot peppers.  Totals are updated on the Results page. 


kitsapFG said...

I am jealous of those butternuts. Our very cool summer was most unkind to the wintersquash patch. I am getting some very late pie pumpkins but the butternuts did not try to set fruit until late August and by then it was way too late.

foodgardenkitchen said...

Nine butternuts from one vine is quite impressive! Some winter squash will continue to ripen in storage so eat the two you think are questionable last.

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