Wednesday, March 6, 2013

March snow

Just two inches of wet snow.  They got it a lot worse north of here.  I guess it’s beautiful but it feels more like Mother Nature proferring the middle finger.  By Friday it should all be gone as the weather becomes more seasonal. 
I put some seed in the bird feeder yesterday.  Some birds are on the move, some may have just arrived from warmer climes and the nasty stuff can make it hard for them to survive.  I could swear I saw a bluebird a few days ago – that shade of blue is unique – but it seems too early.  I built a Peterson bluebird house this winter and plan to put it on the ironwood tree when the weather breaks.  Don’t want anymore in the wood stove. 
Anyway the feed attracted an assortment of birds.  I stood in the sunroom and snapped some pictures.   This is a nuthatch.  They are the boss of the feeder – every other small species waits until the nuthatch leaves the feeder.  It’s one of the few birds that can walk down a tree head first.  

Another pic of the nuthatch. It's kind of an ungainly looking bird.

Here’s a tufted titmouse.  Beautiful little bird, with a small crest and a jet black eye.


The cardinals spook easily when I approach the window.  This female waited in the branches.

A black-capped chickadee and a titmouse fed on the seeds that spilled onto the ground. 

And for comic relief a red-bellied woodpecker helped itself by hanging onto the edge of the feeder. 

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kitsapFG said...

Our birds are starting to get more active around here too. Nice of you to give them some feed with the remaining winter weather. We get pileated woodpeckers here and they are quite large and very beautiful. Big red head on them - I think they were the basis for the Woody the Woodpecker cartoon.

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