Monday, June 23, 2014

Before you know it

I was going to make this post a few days ago.  Took the pictures, then forgot.  Today I took a few more pictures, now I'll cobble together a post.  Since it's Harvest Monday, hosted by here's the weekly totals:  Cabbage 1 lb, kohlrabi 13 oz, broccoli 9 oz, cauliflower 10 oz, and one beet, 10 oz.  No pics though, it's still mostly cole crops:

I have a theory:  those of us who live in temperate climates are actually two people: winter people and summer people. There's also a transition time when we don't know who we are.   Summer people don't like to think about winter people because that's their problem.  After a particularly brutal winter and late spring, it's been a little hard to assume the summer persona, but now I'm fully engaged.  Winter person?  Can't say I know him at all, hope to never meet him again.

One way I know it's summer now is the garden is very close to producing real summer food, and while broccoli is OK it's not green beans or tomatoes.  As if overnight it seems like the summer crops are almost ready to pick.  There are some jalapeno peppers just about ready to go into some eggs:

The Pompeii sauce tomatoes are at the pale green stage, not far from ripening:

Matter of fact the tomato plants have achieved cage toppage, about 5 1/2 feet:

The Calypso cucumber plants are loaded with small cukes.  This is a pickling cuke but I'll use them fresh from the vine until the Diva's produce some slicing cukes:

The Cocozelle summer squash has one fruit.  This variety of squash tends to produce a small squash before the flower opens.  They are good at any stage but especially good with the flower on.

The two squash plants have gone from nearly nothing to large plants the past week.  Really amazing how fast these plants grow (and how quickly they can succumb to disease and insects):

The Provider beans should have a small picking ready tonight - the first:

It's time for the biweekly panorama of the garden.  This morning:

Two weeks ago:

4 weeks ago:


Dave said...

Your tomatoes and beans are ahead of mine! We could use a good rain down here in Warrick Co, hopefully we will get it today/tonight.

Tossing Dirt said...

It is surprising how fast things grow and you really don't notice it until you take a look at your pictures spaced out over a couple of months. We had a great harvest of Providers this year, so much so we planted some more.

Julie said...

That squash plant is huge! It is amazing how summer sneaks up and before you know it the garden is a jungle. That's a great idea to take pictures every other week to watch the progress.

Cristy said...

Haha. Winter person and summer person. What a great visual image that is! I love your time-lapse photos 4 weeks ago, 2 weeks ago and now. It really shows the amazing growth!

Daphne Gould said...

My squash are getting really big too. I'm a bit worried as if they get too large now I'll have to uncover them and the SVBs will get them.

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