Monday, June 2, 2014

Post June 2

 A quick post today.  The usual things are coming in for this time of year.  Some kohlrabi, 2 bulbs, a little broccoli and a lot of lettuce, nearly 4 pounds, and some of it was fed to the bunnies.  I mentioned in an recent post that the Earthbox produces some really nice lettuce.  This lettuce is the second batch that was grown in the EB.  It reached picking size at the same time as the lettuce in the raised beds, which was started a few weeks earlier. 

Not only did this lettuce grow faster, it is milder and better in flavor, and this lettuce is quite clean, where the bed grown lettuce has to be washed several times. I located the box where it is in the shade during the afternoon, but the limited sunlight doesn't seem to slow it down.  So I was thinking, next year why plant any lettuce in the beds?  I'll get the homemade self-watering container out of storage and alternate lettuce plantings in the two SWC's.  That should provide all the lettuce I need.

Next post - suckering tomatoes.


Rachel @ Grow a Good Life said...

Wow! The lettuce does look happy in the Earthbox. I made some SWC out of totes several years ago, but I only use two for celery. I should pull the others out of the shed and put them to use growing lettuce in a shady part of the yard. Thanks for the inspiration!

Mark Willis said...

My lettuce has done really well this year too, though it is all in a raised bed, not containers. Our problem is normally insufficient sunshine and too much rain, but this year it seems to have been OK.

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