Monday, September 15, 2014

Monday September 15

It's mid-September but the last few weeks have been more like late October.  The cool and cloudy weather has markedly slowed down production.  On the 'bright' side the last few days have been sunny and more vegetables are sizing up. 

The pepper plants have established enough to produce well even through this unfavorable weather.  The Serrano and Jalapeno plants are setting another flush of hot peppers. After picking a batch of Joe Parker New Mexico peppers a few weeks ago for chili powder, there's another set of peppers that are nearly ripe.  For some reason the Anchos are not doing much.  The sweet peppers continue to produce.  These sweet peppers are Round of Hungary and Marconi.  In the Fall the sweet peppers seem to attain their best flavor.

The beans have resumed production, most of it from the Fortex pole beans.  There's some Roma II beans mixed in.

The Cocozelle squash that was planted in July produced its first squash.  The first plant gave me over 30 pounds of squash, yes, one plant, and I was getting a little tired of squash by the time I pulled it out to make room for the sweet potatoes.  I picked this squash yesterday, along with a small eggplant and more beans.  And the cauliflower that had been growing since May was finally ready to pick.  The squash, cauliflower, eggplant, basil and tomatoes went into a vegetable stir fry. 

It was not a great week in terms of total yield, only 6.6 pounds, but I got a little of everything so I'm not complaining. To see the goodies that come from people's gardens head on over to


Margaret said...

So envious of your squash harvest - I would be surprised if I got that much from my 6 plants combined!

I was just remarking earlier how strange it is that even with such vast distances, the weather seems to be very similar in many parts of North America. We too are experiencing October weather now...and the veg patch is not impressed.

Daphne Gould said...

Me too. I've got three plants and so far I've only got 12 pounds. Next year I need to try different varieties.

Jenny Rottinger said...

Very nice harvest! Love those gorgeous peppers.

Mark Willis said...

Was the cauliflower worth the wait?

gardenvariety-hoosier said...

Mark- Probably. The plant came out immediately to give the adjacent bush beans more space. I think this variety is more suited to a late summer planting.

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