Monday, September 22, 2014

Monday September 22

My computer died last week.  The screen went blank and a little wisp of smoke came out of a corner of the laptop, never a good sign.  The machine was 4 years old and attempting a repair was pointless, certain to cost much more than its worth.  So I bought a basic laptop.  It's taken days to get the thing working for me, downloading programs, learning my way around Windows 8 (not a fan), and getting updates installed.  One thing I like about this computer is the improved battery performance.  It will run on battery power for hours and hours, unlike the old one.

Even though it's late September the garden is producing well.  The Fortex pole beans are once again pumping out foot long beans like they did in July and August, almost.  The squash plant that replaced the first one makes a new squash once or twice a week.  This is what I picked last Thursday.

Most of the bean production comes from the pole beans, but the patches of Provider and Roma II bush beans are giving me some beans.  Those are the last tomatoes.  The tomato plants this year were hit hard by leaf blight.  The plants were taken out and the cages dismantled.  Tomatoes and cucumbers are finished for the year.

Shade from the woods to the south is creeping closer every day and the duration of sunlight on the garden is diminishing quickly.  I'll get fresh goodies for a few more weeks before it ends.  I picked just over 3 pounds of beans last week and 27 pounds for the year, most of them from a single row of pole beans. 


Daphne Gould said...

That is a lot of beans. I have the same trouble with the light, but I've already hit shade in the afternoon. Things will grow but very slowly. Most of the summer crops are already gone, so it isn't too much of an issue. The fall crops are mostly greens which don't mind it too badly.

Susie said...

Incredible bean production! I've only grown them the past couple of years and usually just do a spring planting. By July they are done. I'll have to try succession planting - I would love some fresh beans right now!

Margaret said...

So envious of those gorgeous beans - mine got hit with bacterial brown spot way back & have been finished for a while. I hear you on the computer issues - it is such a PAIN when you have to reformat an existing one or get a new one.

David Velten said...

Good haul for this time of year. My Fortex beans are still producing as are the Jade bush beans. Provider is kaput. The Trionfo Violetto pole bean vines are alive and well and flowering again, but not sure of weather will hold so I get some.

. . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...

I'm so in awe of you garden bloggers who track all of your harvests. I'm so busy with work, and have such poor soil that I would just make myself cry if I did that.

Mark Willis said...

sorry to hear about the laptop problem. I work in IT, so I empathise! My garden is in a similar state to yours - last few beans, one or two cucumbers, green tomatoes slowly ripening on a windowsill. However, this year I have made plans for a Winter harvest too - Brussels sprouts, Cabbages, Swedes, Leeks... Let's hope it works out OK.

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