Monday, October 20, 2014

Monday October 20

It's Monday, time to show what I got this week.  Well I got nothing, nada, zippo.  That's not to say it's all over, but most of the green vegetables are done.  It was the extended overcast weather that did them in, not surprising this time of year.  I took down the bean trellis.  The beans climbed jute twine, which is biodegradable, that is not synthetic.  Taking them down I just cut the twine and tossed the whole mass in the compost bin.

I still haven't gotten those sweet potatoes out.  The soil is still very wet.  At least the bean trellis is out of the way.

There's probably no chance I'll get another summer squash.  The two on the plant have been that size for nearly a week.  Nevertheless a stretch of sunny weather is in store and I can't bring myself to take up the plant just yet.

And why is it that parsley always looks the best this time of year, just before winter?  All summer long it looked anemic, and now this.  Guess I'll have to dry some of it.

There is one last fresh vegetable that will give me a nice harvest - the peppers.  Some of the sweet pepper plants are just loaded with green peppers, like the Marconi on the left.  By the end of the week the Ancho, New Mexico and Mole peppers will provide enough ripe chilis to dry for more chili

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Mark Willis said...

Forget drying Parsley, Mike. It's a waste of time. It goes like many other dried herbs - tasteless. If you want to preserve some, chop it up, mix it with a little water and freeze it in ice-cube trays.

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