Thursday, March 3, 2016

Occasional post

Still haven't posted much this year.  It's not that I'm not starting a garden this year, but the kitchen remodel just sucks up my time.  About two weeks ago the seed rack was assembled in the sunroom and the storage onions - Ruby Ring - were seeded.  The seeds are 3 years old but still viable.  Keeping seeds in the refrigerator makes a difference. 

I also seeded 12 cells of lettuce.  I'm backing off the number of onions this year, seeding one tray of 72 cells.  There's still quite a few onions left from last year and many of them are sprouting.  A few days ago I seeded some cole crops - broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, kohlrabi.  The first set of cole crops is always hit or miss, it just depends on how late the winter is.

The sunroom has been made into the workshop for the kitchen remodel. 

And the kitchen is officially down, as in no sink or functioning dishwasher.  I'm getting used to washing dishes in the bathtub, and try to keep the use of dishes to a minimum.  At least the future dining area has a floor and a table. 

The overwintered spinach has been growing slowly through the winter.  I've thinned it several time and have harvested about a pound so far.  It's very good.   The weather is supposed to warm in a few days and I'll remove the plastic greenhouse cover when it does.  Looks like a good spinach harvest this spring.

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Margaret said...

Your spinach looks great! Mine is still under a layer of straw - I'm crossing my fingers that I like what I see when I uncover it in a couple of weeks.

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