Monday, October 10, 2016

Monday October 10

There are still a few green fresh vegetables to be had from the beds.  Very few, but better than nothing.  The summer squash, planted mid-summer, is still making a few squash, and losing just as many as the end rots away.  At this time of year the garden doesn't get enough hours of sunlight to ripen much of anything. 

The lone Silver Queen okra plant is now over eight feet tall.  Like the summer squash it is producing at a trickle.  

Last week I picked a small batch of beans, enough to make a bean stew, but they are nearly finished also.  It's not over though, there are still a lot of winter squash to harvest.  The squash on the screen are about half of the total squash to be had. 

The squash on the left were picked about ten days ago and have been curing in the sun, so they were ready to bring in and weigh - just under forty pounds.  The squash on the right were picked a day ago.  Most of the Teksukabotu squash are still on the vines, which are still green, so I'm leaving them for now.  Along with the Golden Nugget squash I've harvested over fifty pounds of squash, and expect the total harvest to be in excess of one hundred twenty pounds.  Quite a year for squash, which makes up for the bad year for tomatoes.

The peppers have done well this year.  They just keep making more peppers, even though there is no chance they will ripen.  This Jimmy Nardello plant is full of green peppers.

Sunday I planted the bed for overwintered plants.  Around the beginning of December a plastic greenhouse will be set over the bed.  This year I put in a row of bunching onions, a row of winter lettuce mix from Pinetree, a row of mache, and three rows of spinach.  Garlic will be planted later this month.  The mache and bunching onions are new for me. 

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Dave @ HappyAcres said...

That does sound like it was a good year for squash! I had a lot of problems with mine rotting, no doubt caused by all the rain. That's a lovely bunch of butternuts you have there. I had to look up the Teksukabotu, and it sounds like an interesting type.

Mark Willis said...

I'm looking forward to seeing what sort of plastic greenhouse you will use, and how effective it is!

Margaret said...

I can't get over the quantity of squash you harvested - and they all look to be a great size. Mine are all over the place, from skinny to fat to short to long as they taste good, I won't complain :)

David Velten said...

That is a lot of squash. Will be nice to have this winter. Looks like you have a nice variety of greens for the winter bed. Mache is supposed to be pretty cold hardy.

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