Monday, September 9, 2013

Monday May 9

The pickings this week were a lot less than last week's, but last week provided the best harvest of the year if you exclude potatoes and onions, which are a once a year harvest.  Still it wasn't bad.  Bean production has dropped off since I pulled up the patch of Tendergreen bush beans, and the Kentucky Wonder pole beans have slowed down a bit, although still producing steadily.  It's a relief because I've already frozen plenty of beans and don't need any more.

Here's a sampling of what came out of the beds. Early in the week I pulled up some of the New Kuroda carrots to thin them.  These are a long season storage carrot and I haven't tried any of them yet.  I'm guessing they are not as sweet as other carrots but should be fine in a soup or stew.  There's one Nantes carrot at one end to give you an idea of their size.

Tomato production hasn't been great this year, since most of the production comes from the one Supersonic plant, but they are very good tomatoes.

So far this year I've picked just over 23 pounds of snap beans and soon the bean totals will surpass the total onion harvest for the year.  I've picked more pounds of beans than tomatoes or cucumbers.  For the week:  okra 13 oz, snap beans 22 oz, tomatoes 30 oz, cucumber 9 oz, carrots 25 oz, eggplant 8 oz, and peppers 3 oz.  Total for the week 6.9 lbs, for the year 216 lbs.  To see what other people are growing go to

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