Monday, September 30, 2013

Monday September 30

The winter squash have been curing for two weeks in the sun, long enough to weigh them and put them in storage.  It wasn't a great harvest but the bed was new and the soil needs improvement. 

Last weekend I removed one of the frames where sweet potatoes were growing and fished them out of the soil.  I really did not expect much of anything, this being the first year to grow them.  The frames were set on some very barren soil, mainly clay, and some topsoil and compost was put in them.  I had visions of the vines spreading all around the box but they never got very far.

It looks like some of the sweet potatoes could not penetrate the clay and twisted themselves into odd shapes.  Still there were some decent ones in the mix.  Considering the shabby treatment they got I'm pleased with the results.  Here they are on the drying screen with the winter squash.  They are Beauregard and Georgia Jet.

The Kentucky Wonder pole beans keep on producing.  Everything else is producing slowly but I'm getting something.  This is early in the week, with an ancho and a pasilla pepper in the mix:

And another picking of beans this morning.  Except for a few beans with pits the beans are larger than ever of late.

This week's harvest:  Beans 2 lb 2 oz, okra 6 oz, peppers 3 oz, tomato 10 oz, butternut squash 6 lb 9 oz, teksukabotu squash 6 lb 15 oz, total 16.8 lbs.  For the year 255 lbs. To see what other people are growing mosey on over to 


Mark Willis said...

My Poblano / Ancho chillis are still very green. Do you think they would ripen OK indoors if I picked them?

gardenvariety-hoosier said...

Mark, I've never ripened a pepper off the vine. You may be stuck with Chili Rellenos.

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