Monday, September 23, 2013

Monday September 23

The cool weather of late has really slowed things down.  There's been plenty of sunny days but many of the warm weather plants just don't produce when the temperatures never get above 70 F.  At this point the cucumbers and eggplant have been removed.  The lone summer squash plant is healthy, but there's a half-developed squash on the plant that hasn't grown any in days.  At least the pole beans, okra and tomatoes are still making a bit of produce.

The peppers still look good, although they are not producing much either.  The jalapeno plant has set out a flush of peppers, and since they ripen quickly I'll have plenty of those to add to eggs in the morning.  I find that fall-ripened sweet peppers have better flavor than those of summer.

I picked this on Sunday.  It's actually a relief to get just enough beans to eat in "real time."  I've frozen a lot of beans and don't want any more.

Harvest for the week: beans 20 oz, okra 4 oz, tomatoes 25 oz, pepper 4 oz. Weekly total 3.3 pounds.  Yearly total 238 pounds.  To see what other people are growing and harvesting see  

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Mark Willis said...

It's a similar situation here. My chillis seem to be ripening painfully slowly. And even I'm beginning to get weary of beans!

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