Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sunday March 8

Finally, the cold spell has snapped.  Friday morning saw a low of 0 F (-18 C).  Since then it has warmed considerably and the weather now is more like April, with a ten-day forecast of more of the same.  What a relief.  This is what it looked like after the last snow, about 8 inches.

And the garden is there somewhere underneath the snow.

Overall winter in this part of the midwest has not been that bad.  There wasn't much snow until recently.  With the late winter cold the overwintered spinach inside the plastic greenhouse probably won't be ready for several more weeks.  I've gotten spinach as early as the first week in March, but that won't happen this year.  This photo was taken several days ago and it has certainly grown since then.

I seeded onions and lettuce nearly two weeks ago, but with the late February cold spell the door to the sunroom was kept shut and the seeds took some time to germinate in a cold room.  Now the seedlings are up and growing under the lights.  I started 108 cells of Ruby Ring onions at two seeds per cell. 

In a few days the snow should be gone.  Then I'll wheel the portable cold frame into its place in the yard and move the onion seedlings into it.  That will free up space under the lights for brassicas.

I guess being snow bound has made me a little crazy, because for some reason I decided to remodel the kitchen.  This kitchen was laid out all wrong and it really needs improvement.  All the appliances and most of the cabinets are on the outside wall, with the stove about 15 feet from the refrigerator.  It's an open floor plan design, with a half wall between the kitchen and the living room.  The first phase begins with the conversion of the half wall into a full wall and the necessary wiring and plumbing.  When finished some appliances and cabinets will be moved to this wall.  Right now I'm putting in electrical outlets and installing a water line for the refrigerator's icemaker. 

Whenever the kitchen is finished it will have new countertops, sink and a ceramic tile floor.  But it's a long way to that.

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Mark Willis said...

Instead of re-doing the kitchen you ought to be building a heated and lighted greenhouse! (A snow-proof one...)

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