Monday, July 2, 2018

Monday July 2

A bit more this week.  Garlic is out and drying in the pole barn.   In its place I seeded another Green Tiger summer squash.  I still haven't gotten the first summer squash from the plant that was seeded in May.  Most summer squash don't last the season, and I like to plant a new one every month or so. 

Late last week I harvested more cucumbers, both picklers and a slicer,  the first eggplant and a few okra.

Still no beans, as the rabbits leveled the first seeding.  They have been a real problem this year, and are still nibbling on the beans in spite of Neem oil sprays.  Since they also got the lettuce in the Earthbox, I raised the stand about a foot and a half above ground level.  Then I seeded okra at each end of the Earthbox.  It's Jambalya, a smallish okra that should do well in a container.  Now let's see them reach that.

The last of the cabbage was picked over the weekend, Point One and Gonzalez.  Also a small head of broccoli.  I had my first success with making sauerkraut and I'll make another batch from this cabbage.  Until this my fermenting attempts have always failed, even after adding starter culture.  This time I added some yogurt water and the cabbage started bubbling the first day.  It's delicious, very sour with a fresh cabbage taste.  I never knew what I was missing.

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Phuong said...

Your cabbage and broccoli look fantastic. You make the homemade sauerkraut sound delicious, and the yogurt water ferment would be pretty easy. Hmmm. But that's terrible about the rabbits getting into your beans as well as your lettuces.

Dave @ HappyAcres said...

That's too bad about the beans. They do seem to be a treat for rabbits. The raised box should do the trick. And congrats on the sauerkraut! That was the first veggie I fermented, and now I can't get enough of it. The Point One did well for me this spring, and I made kraut with it too.

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