Monday, July 9, 2018

Monday July 9

Despite the poor weather at the start of the season, it's shaping up to be a good year for summer crops.  Tomatoes and peppers are looking great, as well as the winter squash.  After harvesting the last broccoli and cabbage, I decided to pull up the two remaining cauliflower, even though they will be ready in about 10 days.  I need that space for shell beans. 

Speaking of beans, the first Musica pole beans were picked a few days ago.  It's unusual to get pole beans before the first bush beans but these beans were from a few plants that were not eaten by the rabbits.  The remaining beans are all from a second planting, and the first Provider bush beans should be ready for planting later this week.  There's also more Vertina picklers and the first tomatoes - Mountain Magic.  I've been pulling up the red cippolini onions on an as needed basis, and this one was needed for some green bean stew.

Yesterday I picked another Swing slicer and a Jimmy Nardello sweet pepper.  The pepper plants are loaded with peppers this year.  I'm really liking this cucumber, it's as good as Diva, and very healthy.  The pickling cucumbers, sad to say, don't look like they are going to last much longer. 

The beets were pulled up.  They look pretty lame, but I'll try them on the grill.  At least the cage over the bed kept the bunnies from getting them.

To see what other people are growing, head on over to Our Happy Acres and check it out.


Shawn Ann said...

Nice colorful harvest. My pickling cucumbers are doing horribly as well. The slicers are doing great and they are all in the same bed. Weird. The picklers have about been taken over by mildew. I think it looks like a nice bunch of beets. I use the greens more than the root so I usually don't pull very quickly. Those beans are a great size!

Dave @ HappyAcres said...

Still waiting on pole beans and peppers here. Based on your experience and after reading the catalog description I think I need to try that Swing cucumber next year. The mildew resistance is a big plus, at least in year like this one.

Michelle said...

Those beets look pretty good to me. Mine are taking forever to size up this year. What I've harvested so far taste great though and that's what really matters to me.

Kathy said...

I can echo what Michelle said about the beets, they look just fine and must taste good! Ours are growing better without the attentions of rodents so far, so I sympathise over the rabbit issue

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