Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Peas that Snap

How do you describe sugar snap peas?  Sublime?  There’s really nothing to compare them to.  The peas have arrived, wow have they arrived.  And this is looking like a great year for them after two bad ones.  The month of May was sunny with seasonal temperatures, except for Memorial Day weekend when we had three days with highs in the 90’s.  Last night there was a much needed rain and the forecast for the next week is for high’s in the 70’s.  I think the peas made it through the heat, but another hot day might have finished them.  There’s eight feet of trellis and the peas are thick and growing fast. 

I like to pick sugar snaps after the peas have filled out inside but before the pod gets woody, that’s when the peas develop their sugars.  There’s a bit of vein but that can be removed when the ends are pulled off.  And are they ever delicious, raw or cooked.  There’s no vegetable that I like better, none.  Sweet, green and crisp all together.  Looks like I’ll be giving some away. 


Lynda said...

Oh your peas are amazing!! You have given me hope...I've had 2 years of pea failure...maybe next year will be my time for a bumper crop!

Ali said...

Yum. I am with you, snap peas are delicious. Wish I were closer since we are not growing them this year. What variety are you growing? I think Sugar Ann is my favorite, but Cascadia is also a good bet in Maine. And Johnny's has a new mildew resistant variety I will try next year.

If you have extra, try pickling them. We did last year and they were delicious. I didn't process, just kept them in the fridge. MMMM. I used the recipe here:

aldonsusi said...

Wow. That is a lot of peas. Great photo. :)

kitsapFG said...

Sounds like you are in snap pea heaven! My snap peas are busy climbing at the moment and should soon start flowering and producing. My big shelling pea patch is a huge mass of white flowers at the moment. I love to just look at them - so pretty. :D

I think peas are one of my all time favorites too and I am waiting impatiently for our snap pea harvests to begin.

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