Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday August 30

It’s been an unusual growing season to say the least.  In early July I was getting ripe tomatoes, green beans, squash and peppers from the garden.  With the exception of a few peppers I haven’t gotten any of those for a few weeks.   There may not be any more squash, but there’s lots of tomatoes, peppers and beans that should be ready in a week or two.   Still and all, in midsummer you really expect to have these things without interruption.
The one exception to the scarcity is the cucumber, and there’s few things better than cucumbers on a hot day, unless it’s cucumbers and tomatoes.  The Diva plant has been growing fast and producing well.  After the four seeds started indoors did not germinate (that after the germination tests were 100%) I planted the remaining two or three seeds directly in the bed.  This is the only one that germinated and it was behind some broccoli plants.  Eventually it got to the trellis and took off. 
I got a  cauliflower, the first one I’ve grown.   A little soft but OK.  Considering the weather I’ll take it. 

The blue potatoes were dug up.  They are shaped like Russet potatoes but are more like waxy potatoes.  The blue is on the inside and they are delicious.  Yields weren’t as good as the Reds though, a little over 5 lbs.
Totals for the week:  Cucumber 2 lb 6 oz, Potato 5 lb 1 oz, eggplant 4 oz, okra 3 oz, cauliflower 8 oz, pepper 2 oz, and scallions 1 oz.  Totals are summarized in a spreadsheet in the 2012 tab.    


Anonymous said...

I'm impressed that you got cauliflower at all given the heat. And I blame all other crop woes on the weather as well :)

Susan said...

We've had a strange year too - though our tomatoes are also soon to come (I hope)!

Michelle said...

Nice job on the cauliflower, I've not yet been able to get one to head up so I've given up trying to grow it and just buy it at the farmer's market. Those blue potatoes are lovely.

kitsapFG said...

Well done on the cauliflower - it really can be a bit challenging to grow good cauliflower. Never grown the blue potatoes - are they good tasting?

Dave @ HappyAcres said...

That cauliflower is quite an achievement! It seems like everyone has cucumbers this year but me! The deer keep eating our vines. Next year I will give them a protected location inside the deer fencing.

Mary Hysong said...

thats a nice harvest; I have yet to have a reasonable harvest of blue potatoes; they just don't get very big at all.

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