Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday Aug 13

There’s more variety this week as plants recover from the heat and drought.  We got more rain this week, about 1.5 inches, and things are greening up, although the yard has a ways to go before I need to start the mower.  The temperatures have become more seasonal, in fact at noon today it’s 70 degrees with more rain on the way. 

The tomatoes are back.  The Supersonic gave me a few small tomatoes – about 4 oz each.  I grow this variety nearly every year as it has been dependable, disease-resistant, bears a long time and tastes good, a good all around tomato.  This year the first Supersonic tomatoes had blossom end rot – probably due to inadequate watering.   Supersonics are somewhat heart-shaped.   

I picked the remaining scallions from an early planting.  They seem to grow very slow here and I don’t know if the later plantings will provide anything. 

The Diva cucumbers and okra have continued to produce.  I got a few Provider beans and some peppers.  This is a pic of an ancho pepper and an Italian sweet pepper.  I also got some hot peppers. 

The ancho pepper plant is the size of a small tree.  In fact it’s as large as the Black Krim tomato plant adjacent to it.  It looks like most of the ancho peppers will ripen at the same time.  When they are ready I’ll dry them and use them for chili powder. 

And this was dinner Sunday night – fried catfish.  One of the nicer fish I’ve caught in the pond this year. 

For the week:  Cucumber 3 lb 2 oz, tomato 18 oz, okra 5 oz, pepper 6 oz, snap beans 5 oz, and fish filets (two fish) 1 lb 10 oz.  For the year 101 lbs.   Summary under 2012 tab.
I got this picture of a blue heron at the edge of the pond.  There’s a large snapping turtle, partly submerged, just offhore a few feet away from the heron, its back visible.  I’m sure the heron was aware of the turtle and was more interested in getting a fish.


rowena said...

Everybody's tomatoes are ripening while I still wait on mine (the larger ones anyway). I've heard about the heat stateside and am grateful that we don't have those kind of temps. Before you know it, it'll be winter and snowstorms!

Mary Hysong said...

lovely tomatoes; nice to have your own fishing hole!

Lynda said...

Love the Anchos and the catfish...yummy!

Unknown said...

So glad that you are getting some much needed rain. Your scallions look good and your peppers and tomatoes too.

Bee Girl said...

Your peppers look wonderful! Congrats on the fish, too! There's nothing like freshly caught fish for dinner!

kitsapFG said...

Those peppers are beautiful! I am glad the weather has moderated somewhat for you.

The supersonic tomatoes look alot like Siletz which is one of my favorites for my growing region. Skipped growing them this year and am kicking myself because the Defiants I was making room for with their ommission have been suffering from blossom drop due to the cooler weather we were having much of the summer. The Siletz would have set fruit in that weather. (kicking herself strongly) They have a heart shape too and are a lovely tomato.

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