Monday, August 6, 2012

Monday Aug 6, 2012

The vegetable beds are almost back to the norm.  This area actually got a real bonafide rain on Sunday morning.  One inch by my rain gauge.  That’s the heaviest rain seen in these parts since early June.  It will take more than that to bring things back.  Much of the corn around here looks like a total loss.  The soybeans seemed to handle it better, although the pods will not be full.  Where I live there’s a lot of pasture, and any rain will help green it up.

The tomatoes are nearly ready to make their comeback.  They should be ready tomorrow.  Green beans and some peppers should also produce next week.  But this week there’s not much variety.  Okra and cucumbers have been dependable through the drought and heat.  The Diva cucumber has gone hog wild and I keep putting extensions on the trellis.  Here’s a pic of two Diva’s and some okra that I picked on Sunday. 

I dug up the last cage of potatoes – Red Pontiacs.   

Something has been eating them and I suspect it’s a mole.  It’s been on a tear through the vegetable beds, eating every last earthworm in the beds.  Since the crazy spring weather must have put the kabosh on the Japanese beetle, it’s main food, it has been going through the beds like there’s no tomorrow.  I think it turned to eating potatoes out of hunger after all the worms were eaten.  I threw out several pounds of potatoes that were eaten up.  Here’s a few that I saved for pictures. 

For the week:  Cucumber 3 lbs, okra 8 oz, potatoes 7 lb 2 oz.  Yearly total 95 lb


Michelle said...

I wonder if a gopher has followed in the tracks of the moles, I've had that happen in my garden. What a PITA, you have my full sympathy. On first glance I thought the okra was rhubarb, it's so pretty, and so are those perfect looking cucumbers. Hope you get more rain and normal weather.

Cristy said...

I am sorry about your weather, and glad you got a little rain. The okra really is pretty.

Lynda said...

Sorry about the critter eating your spuds...I got a mouse in my big potato bin...what a mess! I had the bottom screened but the little bugger wiggled in between a small space I missed! The okra is beautiful...what a lovely shade of red!

kitsapFG said...

Those are some really gorgeous cucumbers. Sorry about the vole damage. We had that problem last year in the Giving Garden - they mostly left the vegetables alone but sure did damage with all their digging and tunneling to get the worms.

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