Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday Aug 20

Visit to see what other growers around the world get from their gardens.  The beds are finally producing a typical summer harvest of vegetables.  After a hiatus of several weeks since the epic heat wave the tomatoes, beans and squash are now providing me with things to eat.  Not many peppers yet but soon. . .

I got several large Diva cucumbers early last week.  This is what I got midweek, not sure what day.  Since the Cocozelle squash recently started bearing I’ve been letting the squash get to a good size before picking them.  I’ve found these squash are still fine when they reach a pound or heavier. 

This was Friday. More Supersonic tomatoes and okra.  One of the okra plants has some kind of affliction that causes the okras and leaves to curl.  Probably bacterial or viral.  The cucumber is a Picolino, which has started to grow again.  It’s still a dwarf compared to the Diva plant, but it’s trying. 

Sunday.   More tomatoes, including a Black Krim.  Another squash. 

Monday.  Finally a nice mess of Provider snap beans.  More okra. 

For the week:  Cucumber 2 lbs, okra 9 oz, tomato 2 lb 10 oz, summer squash 2 lb 2 oz, pepper 4 oz, and beans 9 oz.  Total 7.8 lbs, for the year 109 lbs.     


Cristy said...

Everything looks yummy. I have planted burgundy okra for my fall garden. I hope it grows for me. My family loves okra.

kitsapFG said...

Summers here and the living is easy - well maybe not easy but the eating is good!

Those are nice looking tomatoes. I would admire the green beans too but honestly between my own bean patches and harvesting the Giving Garden bean patches, I am kind of green beaned out at the moment. Tomatoes and peppers on the other hand are very appealing. LOL!

David Velten said...

I also like the Provider bean, very early and productive. The other bean I like is Jade, a week later than Provider but equally productive while being longer, more slender and greener. Your Cocozelle look similar to my Costata Romanesco. I agree they are still good in larger sizes. I slice a couple of them lengthwise, scoop out the flesh, dice it and sauté it with onion and ground beef or lamb. Stuff the squash with the mix and bake with tomato sauce and cheese.

Mary Hysong said...

Great looking harvest. That black krim looks a bit like the black from tula that I have.

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