Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day Monday Sep 3

First of all, a big thank you to Isaac.  You brought a good long soaking rain, three inches worth, on Sunday.  That helps a lot in getting things back to normal.  The pond even came up about half a foot.  Anything helps. 
Secondly a big thanks to all the people who put in a hard days work every working day, and often don’t get paid enough to make a decent living.  And for the slick con artists who design their elaborate gimmicky swindles inside their vaunted houses of finance, contribute absolutely zero to a functioning society and screwing over those who do, well I hope you get what you truly deserve.  Seems like one of your number is actually running for president this year.  
Another good week with a selection of summer fare.  I pulled up the two rows of Provider beans that were looking worse for the wear, then pulled off any beans worth keeping.  That’s the easiest way to harvest bush beans but it has a certain finality.  The Diva cucumber continues to produce and there’s even a Picolino in this picking, as well as a Black Krim tomato.  The lone Diva plant has produced almost 20 lbs of cucumbers so far this year.
The Roma beans are really coming on now and I’ll have to freeze some after another picking.  This is my favorite bean. 

The two Red Burgundy okra plants are really producing well now.  I’ve got to make some refrigerator pickled okra, maybe mixed with hot peppers, soon.  The more recent Diva cucumbers are looking a bit rough.  The plant is fighting some kind of disease and the fruit shows it.  After peeling the skins they taste fine although some look bad enough to get relegated to the compost bin. 

The tomatoes have been producing slowly but steadily.  With the heat wave it’s been a down year for tomatoes – only 12 lbs so far this year from two plants.  Last year I had picked over 31 lbs by the end of August.  Then again last year I picked one cucumber before losing the plants to bacterial wilt so I guess that evens things out.

For the week:  Cucumber 4 lb 5 oz, okra 14 oz, snap beans 2 lb 12 oz, summer squash 1 lb, tomatoes 2 lb 15 oz; total 10.5 lb.  For the year 128.8 lb.  Update spreadsheet is in the 2012 tab.

I made salsa this weekend and forgot to post it.  So it’s been posted today, just below (before) this post.  Cheers!     


Sustainably Modern said...

That okra is beautiful.

Mary Hysong said...

That's a lovely harvest, love those red okra!

kitsapFG said...

Someone else I know is growing the Diva cucumbers and is having good success with them too. Have you grown this variety before?

So happy for you that you got a soaking rain to break your dry spell in a proper manner.

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