Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday June 10

Not a bad haul this week, but things are about to bust loose next week, when I'll get cauliflower, the first cucumbers (knock on wood), and a lot of cabbages.  This year the date that brassica seedlings are set out and when they are harvested have little relation.  Plants that were set out nearly a month apart are maturing at the same time.  That's how it goes sometimes. 

Here's the pickin's this week.  First some lettuce.  Temperatures have been mild so far and not many lettuce plants have bolted.  I may even get some spring planted spinach next week unless there's a heat wave:

And a few days later some cole crops, including the first Gonzalez cabbage of the year:

The mild temperatures have made for nice brassicas, while the okra, eggplant and sweet potatoes have been slow to grow.  Totals for the week: lettuce 25 oz, cabbage 22 oz, kohlrabi 24 oz.  Totals for the year 20.8 lbs.  Production is ramping up.


kitsapFG said...

I have had that experience often, where a later started crop of brassicas will catch right up to the earlier planting. Makes succession planting all but impossible when that happens though. Your cabbages are indeed looking good. I only planted some napa cabbages (that are bolting) and Ruby Ball which is a late summer (large) red variety that I adore but is still many weeks away from having harvestable heads on them.

Mark Willis said...

One of the good things about writing a blog is that you can compare the current year's performance with previous ones - for sowing / planting / harvesting dates etc.

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