Monday, June 3, 2013

This is more like it

Like what?  Who knows, it's an old phrase, often used when something starts to work as planned, usually after not working as planned.  In this case it means the vegetable garden is finally producing something other than leafy greens in some quantity.  First the totals:  Broccoli 19 oz, Kohlrabi 30 oz, Lettuce 30 oz.  The best part is things are about to bust loose.  I can't stop with the cliches today.  Early last week I picked this:

Then a few days later another broccoli:

Then another Kolibri kohlrabi a few days ago

Folks, you can't get vegetable like this at the supermarket.  Maybe at the farmers market.  They may look as good but they won't taste as good.  And I'm betting that the nutrient profile is far better than anything grown commercially.
This is looking to be a very good year for brassicas.  When cauliflower is doing well then all the cole crops are doing well, at least that's my impression.  And the softball size Gonzalez cabbage are heading up nicely.   Last year I got none.

The Picolino cucumber plants are growing at an amazing rate.  They've already set a number of cukes.  These are small pickling size cucumbers with a great flavor.  I believe they are parthenocarpic, that is they don't require pollination to set the cuke.

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Cristy said...

I love the type of cucumbers I grow, but unfortunately, have had much fewer pollinators this year. If your cuke is truly self pollinating, I may have to investigate it.

kitsapFG said...

Now that IS more like it! That broccoli and those heads of Gonzales cabbages really do look picture perfect. I grew that variety of cabbage last year and really liked it but managed to only get a few Ruby Ball plants into the ground in my garden this year.

Unknown said...

You are certainly eating well this week. What a beautiful harvest!

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