Monday, July 15, 2013

First tomato

Well this was a really good harvest this week.  Lots of variety and I got the first tomato.  It probably could have been a little riper but I couldn’t wait.  I’m still waiting on sweet peppers and eggplant but they will be ready shortly. 

Midweek I got a good harvest.   That’s the last broccoli for the year (Gypsy) and the last cabbages (Gonzalez).  The carrots aren’t perfect but I’ll use them.  There’s still a lot of chunks of clay in the soil in the beds and it’s hard to get straight carrots.  The Cosmic Purple are striking but the Nantes taste better, and they seem to do well for me.  And of course there’s that first tomato, a Supersonic.

The yellow onions (Burpee’s Northern Gold) that I pulled up last week have been drying on the screen.  The weather lately has been sunny and hot, and the onions were deemed cured sufficiently for the kitchen.  There’s enough there to last until the main crop of onions come in.  There's also more cucumbers and okra.  The first planted patch of green beans has been giving me a small picking every other day.

Another squall came through and knocked over the red storage onions (Ruby Ring), so it must have been their time.  Tomorrow I’ll pull these onions up and put them on the screen to cure in the sun.  It looks like a bumper crop of onions this year, and I’ll have to build another framed screen to dry them all.  I’ll make a post about them when I pull them up. 

The other bed of onions.  There's some really nice-sized bulbs in there:

For the week:  snap beans 15 oz, cucumber 2 lbs 5 oz, okra 10 oz, broccoli 13 oz, cabbage 2 lbs 9 oz, tomato 7 oz, carrots 2 lb 12 oz, onion 1 lb 14 oz, total 12.3 lbs.  And fish filets 18 oz.  For the year 61.1 lbs of produce.  Still slightly behind 2012 total, but that year had a very early spring and the onions had already been harvested at this point.  

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Stoney Acres said...

A great looking harvest this week. Your onions look great. Our crop is going to be pitiful this year so I'm really jealous of yours.

I'd love to know how you are able to post that screen shot of your harvest spreadsheet. That would save me some time on my posts. If you have a second drop over on my blog ( and give me a pointer on how to make that work.

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