Monday, June 29, 2015

Monday June 29

Maybe I was a little premature with my declaration that the worst of the wet weather was over.  After a very nice Sunday that let me get a lot of work done, the last coat of stain on the deck and the lawn mowed and trimmed, the clouds gathered up that evening and dropped about an inch of rain.  Again.  This afternoon the sun has finally returned. Hope springs eternal.

Harvests are suppressed due to a shortage of sunlight.  The largest harvest was the Calypso pickling cucumbers.  Five of them, totaling 3.6 pounds, were turned into three quarts of refrigerator pickles.

Three pickings of raspberries gave me 1.5 pounds.  The summer picking is nearly finished, but the Tribute strawberries are rested and blossoming again. 

Cole crops were represented by a head of Gonzales cabbage.  A few Provider beans and okra made for some vegetable sides.  The Provider beans aren't very nice compared to what they can be, the sun problem again.  Marengo Romano pole beans, a yellow variety, should be ready to pick soon.  They are much earlier than their Fortex neighbors.  Can't wait to try them. 

The jalapeno peppers are the best I've ever grown, large, hot and full of flavor.  I bought the plant at the local greenhouse and can only guess they seeded an improved cultivar, because they are much better than last year. 

One butternut squash was left from last season.  Would it be good?  As a matter of fact, it was fine.   

One upside to the cloudy cool weather is the lettuce, which has found a new life.  The seedlings in the SWC were just about done, now they are looking like they will make some more lettuce. 

So far this season I've harvested just under fifty pounds. 

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David Velten said...

The Calypso cucumbers are looking good. I'll have to look into that one for next year. Agree with the weather. When it isn't raining it's cloudy, so the garden seems to be in slow motion this year.

Daphne Gould said...

My summer picking of raspberries is nearly done too. But the later harvest isn't that far off. I'll miss them when they are gone though. They are so tasty.

Eight Gate Farm NH said...

Congrats on the cucumbers and raspberries. They look great. Ours are both tardy. But we do have dill!

Margaret said...

So envious of those raspberries - I just planted some everbearing canes this spring & am crossing my fingers that I may get a handful or two this fall.

Phuong said...

I love seeing your fat cucumbers, my fat ones didn't germinate so I only have the skinny long ones. Your getting a great mix of spring and summer harvests, pretty soon you're beans will be in full production and those jalapenos look huge.

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