Monday, March 13, 2017

Monday March 13

It's not the first harvest of the year.  That would be parsnips, which I dug up in January.  This is the first harvest of a green vegetable.  The spinach was planted last October.  With the mild winter it has sized up earlier than normal.   These four plants were removed to thin the row.  There was enough to make a dish of spinach alfredo.

Since this was harvested the weather has turned very cold and will remain cold until Thursday.  I probably won't get any more spinach for a week or two.  To see what other gardeners are getting from their plots, head on over to Our Happy Acres and have a look.


Margaret said...

Hurray for the 1st harvest of greens! I'm so looking forward to that this year (as I am every year). I'll have to wait for the spring sowings of arugula, baby choi, etc., as I didn't get around to sowing any winter spinach, not that it would be doing much of anything at the moment with the frigid weather we have been having lately.

Dave @ HappyAcres said...

That's some good looking spinach! I didn't sow any last fall, and while I miss it I've had other greens to take its place.

Phuong said...

Wow your overwintered outdoor spinach looks great. It has definitely been a mild winter.

Carolee said...

Nice to read a blog from another Hoosier. Think I'll have to try overwintering some spinach next year. Did you use polytunnels or a greenhouse?

gardenvariety-hoosier said...

Carolee - I use a plastic folding greenhouse called FlowerHouse that fits over the raised bed. Just some clear plastic set over the bed will do.

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